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MF: It'll be okay. We need to starve so we'll be a little skinnier by the time we get to all the buffets.
F: I apparently lost a pound? :O
DF: What? You? Lose a pound? Don't be silly. You must be crazy!
F: :O! Well, I never!

Just kidding, I didn't say that. I aimed a kick at him instead. :O

Yesterday, I decided to call up Antichrist to see when he was free.
F: (presses "call")
(Woman picks up the phone.)
F: (brain sputters to a stop) Um...I was wondering if this was A--(just barely caught myself from saying Antichrist)--lex's phone?

Major fail. Why the hell do I even have his home phone number? o_O

things i learn from video games
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"What are your skills?"

Well, as a matter of fact, I've learned a whole lot from playing video games!

"...Do tell..."

Well, this past weekend, I put my Tetris skills to use due to the amount of items we had to stuff into my car. So from Tetris, I've learned the quickest and most efficient ways to arrange items in the refrigerator, into boxes, into vehicles, etc. to allow for maximum storage!

"Right...go on."

I've learned time management skills from Diner Dash! And because of Tetris Attack, I work very well under pressure! And of course, you can't forget Final Fantasy! I learned so many problem solving skills from Final Fantasy, and what cause is more noble than saving the world?

"...We'll call you."

why don't you
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[music| The Writer -- Ellie Goulding]

Well, apparently nothing's changed. Ochem still makes me wish there were tall buildings in Fremont, so I could jump off one of them. But alas.

I should run away and join a circus.

Every time I come across something that I wish I could do, or wish I had started at a younger age, or wish I had the time to do/get good at it, I send off a parallel-universe-me to realize that dream. There must be at least a hundred of them running around by now.

in your dreams
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[music| Crushed & Created -- Caitlyn Smith]

I find out new things every day.

For instance, fire fox. Isn't that a browser? But apparently, it's also a red panda. We were at Pat's house and there was a Kung Fu Panda marathon. As in, it was on TV nonstop from at least 1 p.m. to...hell knows when.

I kinda want to get a wii one of these days. But that'll probably have to wait until next year.

We've been holed up at Denny's for the past two weeks or so (I'm the most recent addition, so they've been there ages before, but this works in my favor because they all know us already and are hella nice/give us free stuff every now and then).
J: Hey Farrah, before we start, I gotta ask you one question.
F: Okay, go for it. :O
J: So are you in the Olympics? Or did you do ballet? Some type of dance? Something? Anything?
F: Not really. I lift weights in my PE class though.
J: Because your thighs, man, they are really something.
F: I did gymnastics for 4 years in high school?
J: Yeah, girl, you do not look like a girl who sits on her ass all day doing ochem.

F: Yay! ♥ Supernatural, you are mine!!! ♥ ♥ ♥
DF: Wow, what a waste of money. How stupid.
F: It was Sam's Christmas present to me! >:[ Say goodbye to 刑警! >:O!!!
DF: (pretends to shoot me)
F:'re really not helping your case here.
DF: Do you have episode 20? It sucks to be left with 19's cliffhanger.
F: Didn't I just tell you I wasn't going to give you any more episodes? >:[

food, the hunger games trilogy
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[music| Tightrope -- Paul Freeman]

Background: I finally have a cheongsam that fits! :D :D :D
(Before I tried it on.)
DF: ...Yeah, that's never going to fit. Your butt's too big.
F: ...>:[
(Tries it on.)
F: See? It fits perfectly!
DF: Make sure you don't take very big steps or you'll probably rip it.

Whatta hater.

So I read The Hunger Games last Friday and spent almost a week at unrest because I really wanted/needed to figure out what was going to happen. I stayed up until 4 a.m. reading Catching Fire on...well, Saturday morning, and finished reading Mockingjay on Saturday. It's spiraled me into a pretty deep, dark depression and I feel like I'm still in a post-apocalyptic world, so it's kinda weird to be seeing sunlight when I'm imagining all these gloomy things and wondering, "what if." You know an author is amazing when they can obliterate your favorite character(s) in really terrible ways and you still somehow end up loving the book. That trilogy has definitely made it onto my list of favorites, but I feel like I really need something light and fluffy and chick-flicky to read now to raise my spirits. :[

random list of foods i want to make sometime in the near futureCollapse )

this week's quotes
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[music| Breaking Free (cover) -- Sam Tsui & Allison Williams]

Nadia: (plays a song) Do you remember this?
F: ...No recollection whatsoever.
N: You really were never home. Rey played this all the time last year.

F: So how do you say herpes in Cantonese?
E1: What's that?
E2: (starts describing it in Cantonese)
F: I'm pretty sure she didn't need something so descriptive.
E2: What? You've never had it before?
E2: Ok, that came out completely wrong. I've never had it, okay?
F: I fist-bumped you! :'(

B: Hey, this came out really well! I have 99.7% error!
(crickets chirp)
B: ...wait...

F: Hey! How much rice should I make?
N: Well, think about it. There's you, me, Farrah and Rey.
F: ...Wait, excuse me?
N: ...shut up! You and your ass count as two entities, remember?
F: But then you would have said "Farrah and Farrah's ass"--
N: Shut up! :[

S: You have to realize that we don't eat like other people do. When you say, "a bowl of soup," we don't think of a bowl of soup. We think of the entire pot of soup. When you say mashed potatoes, we don't think of just a side of mashed potatoes. We think of the entire 10 lb. bag of potatoes. Finished off with 3/4 a 20 lb. turkey. And butter with some corn. And broccoli.

hello world!
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[music| Lucky -- Glee cast]

I haven't been writing mainly because there honestly isn't much going on in my life right now. (Nothing I find too interesting, anyway.) But things are starting to look up! I'm planning on going to clinic as much as humanly possible for the remainder of this semester since being there, and also seeing my super-cool roommates and such brings joy to my life.

While we're on the topic of what brings joy to my life, I think it's super-cute when I'm lying on my stomach working on something (or procrastinating) and she comes over, climbs onto my back, curls up and goes to sleep. :D

I want a Jensen Ackles. :O

in your dreams
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[music| Keep Holding On -- Glee cast]

Just thought I'd share...I finally have my license! Hooray hooray!

Yesterday was the first day I drove anywhere on my own. (It was a strange feeling. I've kinda gotten used to having someone to talk to, but I guess that's what CD's and singing are for.) I drove to Mountain View to see Henry since it's been ages. We walked around downtown and ate a bunch of food because that's what we do best. :O This is definitely something that'll take some getting used to. o_O

life as i currently know it
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[music| If You Wanna Go -- Joy Williams]

My schedule has, at long last, been finalized. It sucks. On the plus side, I do think one of my professors is super cool (it’s the only subject I actually like out of all the classes I’m taking, so I’m pretty biased). My 6:50 a.m. class has been revived, which kinda ruined my week when I found out last Wednesday, but...only 13 more weeks to go, right? There was a baby mouse running around in the classroom; it was pretty cute.

My attempts to use a P.E. class at the Ohlone fitness center as my gym membership for this semester failed miserably because they decided to change it up and "add more structure" this semester. (Why oh why would you do such a thing?) I guess it does effectively change up what I’ve been doing, but I’d much rather just use free weights while I’m there and continue running with friends. ;_; I dearly miss the ARC.

On the other hand, it makes me feel super-special-awesome because we had a "pre"-fitness test last week, and I blew everyone away because I can do pull ups. (How nice it is to have people underestimate you, I guess.) I can also apparently bench a little more than my own body weight, and I’m an inch away from clearing the entire sit and reach contraption. (This has never happened before.) So there are definite pluses. :D I still wish I could just do my own thing though. I’m kinda tempted to join the gym down the hill, but it’s pretty expensive. :[

My bed is entirely too comfortable and it makes life really difficult when I need to get out of it. ;_; I forgot to bring the lunch I packed yesterday and I'm too much of a cheapass to buy something, so I suppose I'm just going to starve until 1:30. I finished calculating my expenses for the past year and it was somehow under $7000. This barely seems possible, considering the fact that this includes rent (that alone was $6400), groceries, and basically...everything other than tuition. double you tee eff? Maybe it had to do with all the stuff I sold, a whole lot of free meals, teaching piano, graduation money, being a lab subject for money, and other such activities. But anyway, this bodes well for me in the sense that even if I don't make much money for awhile, I will still be able to live pretty comfortably.

in your dreams
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[music| If You Wanna Go -- Joy Williams]

Aside from the fact that I'm glad I have them (it makes eating so much easier), I've never really liked teeth very much. This probably stems from my childhood fear of going to the dentist. ;_;

But, as usual, that isn't actually the point of this entry.

I've been having a whole hell of a lot of dreams about my teeth falling out these days, and it's kinda freaking me out. :[ It's supposed to be a pretty common dream, right up there with falling, flying and being caught in public naked. (Falling, sure. Flying, once or twice. Being naked, never. What counts as public anyway?)

Back in the day (2002), Woolbright assigned us an epic project worth 25% of my overall grade at the very end of the year (thanks a lot, and wow, this journal goes back far): 4QRP, which I think stood for something like "4th Quarter Research Project," and we were granted the freedom to do research on any subject we wanted. Being the spiteful wench that I am, I wrote a 96-page report on psychic abilities and dream analysis/interpretation. I doubt she actually read it, so I guess the joke was on me, but still, at least it was interesting. I actually started keeping a dream journal for several years because of that project, and it helped me to remember them more easily, and after some time, I could even control what happened in em'. It was pretty awesome, but I kept losing that journal, and thus, it took years to finish just the one. After I started college at Davis, I didn't have much time to write in my regular journal, let alone that one, so I never ended up starting one up again. :[ But one of these days, I'd like to make a new one and stick to it again. (What, Farrah? Another journal? How many do you even have? I think I have six at the moment. lawl.)

Anyway, apparently, dreams about your teeth falling out most often represent any of the following:
1) I think that people think I'm ugly.
Uh, next.
2) Fear of death and growing old.
I do indeed at times feel like I'm over the hill, but no.
3) Fear of involuntary change.
Hmm...closer, but I'm getting better at accepting that, so no.
4) Fear of failure.
I've always been afraid of failure. It suits my name. (Failure Fong. :O )
5) I feel powerless to stop and/or change things in my life.
This is the closest. :[ But I imagine this will change soon.

In the meantime, I guess I'll just have to endure waking up every morning to check if all my teeth are still there. :[ I've even started accepting it in my dreams. Sad, very sad.


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