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mau loa ke aloha

this is as real as it'll ever get

21 April

fire in my heart, ice in my soul

Currently: Graduate of UC Davis
Degrees: Bachelors of Arts and Science in Exercise Biology and Music Performance (Piano).
Academic Dream: Medical School
Goal(s) In Life: To live my life in such a way that when I die, I won't have any regrets. I hope to go back to Paul Hom Asian Clinic to volunteer as a family physician someday.
College Life: I basically spent my life in class, going to class, coming back from class, eating, sleeping, playing games, and/or wasting time online. What can I say? I love learning. And music. And I'm a nerd. (I came from an Asian high school.) I occasionally borrowed a social life from friends and found joy and solace in hanging out with them. Other activities included hula & Tahitian dancing, singing, attending free concerts, cooking, point-and-shoot photography, taking classes at the Experimental College/Equestrian Center/Craft Center, and the like.
Guilty Pleasures: Chick flick-y books/movies, Cantonese TVB series, singing along to songs, Victoria's Secret, cute underwear, cute socks, skin care products, cute clothes, cuff earrings. Everything else, I love, but never/rarely ever feel guilty about (e.g. music, Super Nintendo, arts and crafts, riding, dancing, archery, etc.).

My life is currently relatively peaceful and thankfully, without drama. I'm hoping it will stay that way. I really value communication and honesty, and as such, I'm trying to learn to be less passive, which is unfortunately extremely difficult because I spent most of my waking life in such a state. I have an inherent need for perfection and am constantly striving to become a better person. I detest being lied to.

This is my cat, Ninja. She was born somewhere around mid-June of 2005. I found her with two friends at the homeless shelter we were volunteering at when she was six weeks old, so we adopted her. I was all for calling her "Fish," but Ninja fits her perfectly. She weighed only 2 pounds and 7 ounces then. This is slightly hard to believe, considering her current size, but I love her anyway, and she dictates my decisions in life. I also used to have two guinea pigs, Ha Gou/Emo and Siu Mai/Conchobar, called interexchangeably, but they passed away. :[

My life is filled with strange coincidences, replays of the past, and inside jokes. I think life has a very twisted sense of humor, and am thoroughly convinced that the world has connections to everything. I have a problem with overanalysis and trusting others, but I flatly refuse to judge/stereotype others. I can be contradictory in my emotions. I detest conformity, repetition, being ignored, having my intelligence insulted, and people who judge or try to change others into who they want them to be, or those who are fake. I also hate perverts/creepers and people who try to use me. I've gotten a lot more patient over the years, for better or worse.

I think Hong Kong is a wonderful place, mainly for the food, shopping, and convenient transportation. I love to travel and would like to devote a portion of my life to volunteering abroad, assuming that I manage to achieve my career goals. I used to be a tomboy because I grew up with a bunch of guys. Now, not so much. I have mild shopping disease (but luckily, I'm usually too much of a miser to spend anything), as well as girl disease (I like cute clothes and stuff).

These are a few of my favorite things. My favorite flowers (blue roses) apparently exist now; genetically modified and grown. I also love my amaryllis, daisies, hibiscuses, plumeria, and periwinkle. I love and miss Hawai'i, so I tend to like anything that reminds me of the islands. I'm scared of losing the people I love and care about. I hate failure, stupidity (especially my own), incompetence, and indecision (which I suffer from, although I believe I've gotten a whole lot better). I love finding great deals, making money, and eating. I'm like Scrooge. I save everything (I'm a packrat because I find it extremely difficult to throw things away/let things go).

I'm somewhat talented at pretending that nothing matters to me, and I hate to pry, so I usually don't ask about things because I believe that if they wanted to tell me, they'd come right out and say it. This often leads to slight misunderstandings since people believe I don't care about them, or that I'm uninterested, so I'm working to fix this as well. I just dislike getting into anyone's business, especially if I have no right to be in the middle of it.

If you want to get to know me better, feel free to add me [tell me that you did though, or I'll likely never notice]. In most cases, I'll probably add you back, unless I really detest you that much. haha. that'd be hard to accomplish, since i forgive practically everyone and everything.

In conclusion, I write too much...but you probably already realized that.

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"The beauty of grace is that it makes life not fair."
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