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Uh, it's 2012 and I apparently haven't written in here even once yet. :X

I'm still kinda around, but my writing frequency dwindles considerably when I'm home these days because I'm busy trying to see everyone in the world before I have to disappear again (I move across the country again in under 2 weeks). Augh!!!

I just came back from LA. :X Need to finish packing for West Virginia so I can level up some more in life.

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I can't do this complete abandonment thing, so hello again, LJ! You know what I really miss? Having an income. I feel like a money sink, and grad school ain't cheap. I miss being a research subject, taking surveys for money, and having three jobs. I feel like I need some kind of an income to be able to fund my eating habits, because this bottomless pit I have for a stomach ain't cheap either. (Especially when winter actually gets here. Cold = winter hibernation => more food = holy crud. :[ )

I recently discovered a sushi buffet here with some friends. It's a couple bucks more expensive than the one I frequented in Davis, but the sashimi is unlimited! :O My friends have been trying to convince me not to order 100 pieces of sashimi the next time I go in because it is likely that they will never let us in again. (Is this why Jusco closed on my birthday 2 years ago? :'( ) They have a point though. I do not want to be blacklisted from this place, so we shall start small! 30 pieces at a time.

I don't think I really had a point with writing this. (Writing for the sake of writing.)

Basically, I just really miss my life in Davis and the people who were a part of it. It's not bad here, and I'm still surprised at how much I like it here, but nothing beats being around the people you love. :\

sorry excuse for an "update"
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So I kinda just realized that it's been forever since I've written in here... (Sorry.) Part of it had to do with the fact that every time I've been getting really annoying spam over here, so I migrated my things over to LJ will forever be near and dear to my heart, just because...well, it's the first online journal I ever kept. I've honestly had this since 2001.

But just to update, I am alive. I'm definitely still around and I still check in here from time to time, although admittedly, much, much less than before. I am currently living on the east coast. I am also med-school-bound for next fall. :] That about sums up my life from the last time I wrote to...well, now. :D!

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Wow, hello, I haven't written in ages.

So in my absence, I ended up winning the community service award I mentioned (hooray! I so cool!), and I finally pulled off a 4.0! (That took long enough.)

That's about all in terms of the exciting happenings of my life, there than, perhaps, the fact that I may be busting out of my sheltered California-suburban bubble to join a...nother suburban bubble elsewhere. A much colder one. :/

Trying to come up with words to describe myself as a potential roommate is proving to be a slight bit more difficult than I thought it’d be. :[

What is there to say other than, “never there?”

I rule over the kingdom of void?

Nadia suggested, “The Awesome Superwoman,” but that would probably give whoever it was license to write me off as possibly psycho and also completely full of it (which could, at times, be entirely true–the full of it part; I’d like to think I’m not a psycho).

And do I really want to live with other people when the only way to go from here is down? :’(

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Things coming up in the near future that I'm looking forward to:
Cherry picking at my friend's farm
Camping trip
Davis escapes
Hanging out with my family/Ninja
Sam coming home

Apparently, someone nominated me for the 2011 Community Service Award. I was rather bewildered by the congratulatory email. If you know me well, you would know that I usually fly under the radar. I don't do much of anything to bring attention to myself (e.g. I would never nominate myself for anything) and generally speaking, I'm fine with that. Granted, it doesn't help me very much in terms of garnering awards and such, which in turn doesn't help when I'm applying to things,'s fine. I'm not doing anything to get recognition out of it--I do it simply because I enjoy it, and it brightens up my life.

So what makes this mean so much more to me is the fact that someone actually took the time out of their day to fill out the form telling the school why I was awesome and why I deserved it. I don't even go to the school anymore (which makes me wonder whether I'd even be eligible to receive it), but the fact that I qualify for this year's means that multiple people decided somewhere between February to early March that I was super-awesome and deserved some recognition for it. :O I have no idea who these people could be, but whoever you are out there, you made my day! <3

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I was on my almost-daily walk/jog with Mekala today that turned into more of a stroll because we happened to chance an encounter with a really cute dog. She was standing in the lawn across from Amy's house looking lost and a little confused, and when I said hello and reached out a hand to pet her, she looked a little scared and ran off. But then she came back and followed us from a distance, eventually working up the nerve to walk with us. She let me scratch her behind the ears and pet her, wagging her tail and giving me that adorable dog-smile that canines have.

She had a collar, but no tags or anything identifying her owner. We see dogs without leashes fairly often, but never far from their owners. This one was all alone. As we covered some more distance and I wondered if I should go home to see if I could scrounge up food that I could feed her (by this time, we'd "named" her Haley) and was in the process of explaining to her that I wished I could take her home but that Ninja would never agree to that arrangement, we decided to see if she really had had an owner before. Stray dogs are fairly uncommon around here (at least, as far as I've seen), and we were wondering if she was perhaps lost.

F: Sit!
Haley: (wags tail and sits)
F: What a good girl! :] (patpatpat)
Haley: (wagwagwag)

asflahsflasfd so cute. ;_;

Two Asian ladies were taking a walk down the creek path and saw us with the dog. They confirmed my suspicions that some people out there are too cheap to bring their pets to the shelter because they have to pay a fee to surrender them to the shelter, so instead, they take them somewhere and just abandon them. This is effed up on so many levels, I really don't know where to begin. Haley (yeah, I've grown attached :[ ) is probably a little old, but she's such a sweet and friendly dog. Why the eff would someone ever abandon her? ;_; I hope she'll be okay. :[[[

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[watching| Glee]

DF: Hey Farrah, it's not the battery of your watch that died. It's the thing that automatically powered your watch that died.
FF: :[
DF: So I can't get the battery replaced. There is no battery.
FF: So my watch is just...dead? Forever?
DF: Yeah.
FF: Wow, that was blunt. You couldn't have cushioned the blow by just a little? :'(
DF: No.

:[ RIP Farrah's watch.

i'm sorry i don't write more
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There is a guy in my beginning singing class with an absolutely amazing voice. :O One of the girls actually teared up (she says he needs to sing at her wedding). Someone else commented that he sounds like Luther Vandross (S: I don't care who he sounds like; he can sing under my window anytime). Damn. :O I wish I had the female equivalent of that voice. :O

On another note, I think it's really cool that my brother and I get along so well. He's one of my best friends and while he was back, we stayed up for hours and hours on end playing Diablo. I think Saturday night/Sunday morning holds the record; we stayed up til 7:30 a.m. and then got up to eat at 12. >_> But this awesome friendship/sibling unrivalry does not come without a couple drawbacks.

F: You ate all the pineapple fried rice, didn't you? You never even stopped to think that perhaps I might have wanted some too, huh?
S: I did stop to think about it, but then cool logic set in. I reasoned that I would be gone for 2 months and you would have unlimited access to Thai food whenever you wanted it.
F: This is untrue because I am poor and because we usually only go out when you're home.
S: Oh. In that case, you can eat the rest of the cookie dough ice cream.
F: Does this mean you finished the cookies & cream as well? ;_;

(At 2:30 a.m.)
S: Hey Farrah! Do you want to play Diablo?
F: (is lying in bed under her blankets with the lights off) Um, can you not see that I'm trying to sleep?
S: But it's Diablo!
F: (resolve faltering) But I need to sleep!
S: But you can start a new character! Like a paladin! And we can level up!
F: ...:[ Fine.

But of course, there are also the comments that just make you think/say, "Holy awkward, you did not just say that."
For instance, in junior year of high school, when my English teacher thought we were going out.

And last week, when we were talking about food preferences and my dislike of cheese and our dear ol' dad said, "It's a good thing you two aren't going out."
F: ...I have no words.
S: Yeah, that was...
F: I can't think of a more awkward thing you could've said, Daddy Fong.

And yesterday, when I was home between classes and heating up the curry and rice for dinner.
S: You're going to eat that all?
F: Yeah. You never eat curry. :O
S: I eat Thai curry!
F: ;_; Fine. Take some.
(Bowl of curry/rice is split until it's down to the last 3 spoonfuls.)
F: ...:'( Here, take it. :[
S: Thank you!
F: (stares longingly at bowl while S is about to dig in)
S: ...Here, you can have it. :[
F: How about we split it! :D
Andy: You two make a cute couple.
F/S: double you tee eff, Andy.

sam's back! :D :D :D
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[music| The Writer -- Ellie Goulding]

And already I have been subjected to the following:

(as we're walking up the stairs)
S: Hey, can you carry this up? (gestures to his computer bag)
F: Ok. :O
S: (sigh of happiness as he walks up completely empty-handed)
F: What the hell is this?! >:O
S: I've been carrying that all day!

F: (on the phone in the attic)
S: (pushes F so she rolls off the bed while laughing maniacally)
F: Dude, what the hell! What an ass!
S: (continues cackling like a creeper witch)

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[music| Primavera -- Ludovico Einaudi]

I deem it a pretty good sign when the required textbook for one of the classes I'm taking happens to be a book that's been on my wishlist for the past half-year. :O I finally have an excuse to buy it! It's probably also a good sign when I cheer with joy when I see an email with the syllabus from the teacher. :O

Here's to finally taking classes I enjoy again! <3

Facebook is all sorts of creepy these days in terms of if you ever want to stalk someone, but today, it showed me the usual "people you may know" that actually made me smile.

Way back in the day (in freshman year), a super-awesome guy had a ton of his science textbooks up for grabs, a lot of which I would eventually need for my future classes, so being the super-Asian I am, I was all for getting them. At the time, as we may well remember, I couldn't drive. I had a bike but no basket, but I paid no heed to such hindrances. It would be fine.

However, the aforementioned super-awesome guy told me that it'd be too difficult for me to bike with them, and probably kinda dangerous as well, since there were seriously a ton of them. So he told me he'd drive them over to me. This is all sorts of amazing for a total stranger who's already saving you a couple hundred dollars. I could hardly believe there could be someone so nice out there. But wait, it gets even better. When he got to my dorm and I realized that he seriously was not in any way, shape or form, kidding about the amount of books he had, he carried them up to my room for/with me. Needless to say, my trains of thought were going something like this: "Holy shitcakes, this guy is amazing. I didn't know such kind people existed in this world. :O"

I remember this memory rather fondly, and on occasion, I would wish him well in my head. So when I saw his name, I clicked the link. He's in medical school! :] I'm halfway torn on whether or not it'd be creeper-status of me to send him a message now to thank him once again, tell him he's freaking awesome and that I'm really glad he's in medical school.


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