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in your dreams
[mood| happy]
[music| Primavera -- Ludovico Einaudi]

I deem it a pretty good sign when the required textbook for one of the classes I'm taking happens to be a book that's been on my wishlist for the past half-year. :O I finally have an excuse to buy it! It's probably also a good sign when I cheer with joy when I see an email with the syllabus from the teacher. :O

Here's to finally taking classes I enjoy again! <3

Facebook is all sorts of creepy these days in terms of if you ever want to stalk someone, but today, it showed me the usual "people you may know" that actually made me smile.

Way back in the day (in freshman year), a super-awesome guy had a ton of his science textbooks up for grabs, a lot of which I would eventually need for my future classes, so being the super-Asian I am, I was all for getting them. At the time, as we may well remember, I couldn't drive. I had a bike but no basket, but I paid no heed to such hindrances. It would be fine.

However, the aforementioned super-awesome guy told me that it'd be too difficult for me to bike with them, and probably kinda dangerous as well, since there were seriously a ton of them. So he told me he'd drive them over to me. This is all sorts of amazing for a total stranger who's already saving you a couple hundred dollars. I could hardly believe there could be someone so nice out there. But wait, it gets even better. When he got to my dorm and I realized that he seriously was not in any way, shape or form, kidding about the amount of books he had, he carried them up to my room for/with me. Needless to say, my trains of thought were going something like this: "Holy shitcakes, this guy is amazing. I didn't know such kind people existed in this world. :O"

I remember this memory rather fondly, and on occasion, I would wish him well in my head. So when I saw his name, I clicked the link. He's in medical school! :] I'm halfway torn on whether or not it'd be creeper-status of me to send him a message now to thank him once again, tell him he's freaking awesome and that I'm really glad he's in medical school.


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