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sam's back! :D :D :D
in your dreams
[mood| happy]
[music| The Writer -- Ellie Goulding]

And already I have been subjected to the following:

(as we're walking up the stairs)
S: Hey, can you carry this up? (gestures to his computer bag)
F: Ok. :O
S: (sigh of happiness as he walks up completely empty-handed)
F: What the hell is this?! >:O
S: I've been carrying that all day!

F: (on the phone in the attic)
S: (pushes F so she rolls off the bed while laughing maniacally)
F: Dude, what the hell! What an ass!
S: (continues cackling like a creeper witch)

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Ah, sibling love... my sibs and I would probably just sit on each other, or try lifting each other up.

Ah, about that. So apparently because he got sick four times while he was in China and also recently recovered from an upset stomach and has been freezing his ass off, he lost seven pounds and weighs almost the same as me. If it weren't for the fact that I also got sick for awhile and have been steadily losing muscle mass, he'd only be 2 pounds heavier than me. ;_; I find this extremely disconcerting, hahaha. :[

oh wow, super fail. :O that up there was me on my artsy-fartsy account. hi. sorry. haha. ._.

Haha, I was trying to figure that out. I was like "is that Farrah, or one of her friends replying to the wrong thing OR impersonating her?!"

:D... I hadn't logged into there in ages and kinda thought I was still in my usual one until about a second after I hit, "Reply." lalala...

Haha... yeah, that happens!

It could be worse, I suppose. :O He could be lighter than me, hahaha.

Haha... yeah. Very true!

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