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i'm sorry i don't write more
in your dreams
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There is a guy in my beginning singing class with an absolutely amazing voice. :O One of the girls actually teared up (she says he needs to sing at her wedding). Someone else commented that he sounds like Luther Vandross (S: I don't care who he sounds like; he can sing under my window anytime). Damn. :O I wish I had the female equivalent of that voice. :O

On another note, I think it's really cool that my brother and I get along so well. He's one of my best friends and while he was back, we stayed up for hours and hours on end playing Diablo. I think Saturday night/Sunday morning holds the record; we stayed up til 7:30 a.m. and then got up to eat at 12. >_> But this awesome friendship/sibling unrivalry does not come without a couple drawbacks.

F: You ate all the pineapple fried rice, didn't you? You never even stopped to think that perhaps I might have wanted some too, huh?
S: I did stop to think about it, but then cool logic set in. I reasoned that I would be gone for 2 months and you would have unlimited access to Thai food whenever you wanted it.
F: This is untrue because I am poor and because we usually only go out when you're home.
S: Oh. In that case, you can eat the rest of the cookie dough ice cream.
F: Does this mean you finished the cookies & cream as well? ;_;

(At 2:30 a.m.)
S: Hey Farrah! Do you want to play Diablo?
F: (is lying in bed under her blankets with the lights off) Um, can you not see that I'm trying to sleep?
S: But it's Diablo!
F: (resolve faltering) But I need to sleep!
S: But you can start a new character! Like a paladin! And we can level up!
F: ...:[ Fine.

But of course, there are also the comments that just make you think/say, "Holy awkward, you did not just say that."
For instance, in junior year of high school, when my English teacher thought we were going out.

And last week, when we were talking about food preferences and my dislike of cheese and our dear ol' dad said, "It's a good thing you two aren't going out."
F: ...I have no words.
S: Yeah, that was...
F: I can't think of a more awkward thing you could've said, Daddy Fong.

And yesterday, when I was home between classes and heating up the curry and rice for dinner.
S: You're going to eat that all?
F: Yeah. You never eat curry. :O
S: I eat Thai curry!
F: ;_; Fine. Take some.
(Bowl of curry/rice is split until it's down to the last 3 spoonfuls.)
F: ...:'( Here, take it. :[
S: Thank you!
F: (stares longingly at bowl while S is about to dig in)
S: ...Here, you can have it. :[
F: How about we split it! :D
Andy: You two make a cute couple.
F/S: double you tee eff, Andy.

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