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in your dreams
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I was on my almost-daily walk/jog with Mekala today that turned into more of a stroll because we happened to chance an encounter with a really cute dog. She was standing in the lawn across from Amy's house looking lost and a little confused, and when I said hello and reached out a hand to pet her, she looked a little scared and ran off. But then she came back and followed us from a distance, eventually working up the nerve to walk with us. She let me scratch her behind the ears and pet her, wagging her tail and giving me that adorable dog-smile that canines have.

She had a collar, but no tags or anything identifying her owner. We see dogs without leashes fairly often, but never far from their owners. This one was all alone. As we covered some more distance and I wondered if I should go home to see if I could scrounge up food that I could feed her (by this time, we'd "named" her Haley) and was in the process of explaining to her that I wished I could take her home but that Ninja would never agree to that arrangement, we decided to see if she really had had an owner before. Stray dogs are fairly uncommon around here (at least, as far as I've seen), and we were wondering if she was perhaps lost.

F: Sit!
Haley: (wags tail and sits)
F: What a good girl! :] (patpatpat)
Haley: (wagwagwag)

asflahsflasfd so cute. ;_;

Two Asian ladies were taking a walk down the creek path and saw us with the dog. They confirmed my suspicions that some people out there are too cheap to bring their pets to the shelter because they have to pay a fee to surrender them to the shelter, so instead, they take them somewhere and just abandon them. This is effed up on so many levels, I really don't know where to begin. Haley (yeah, I've grown attached :[ ) is probably a little old, but she's such a sweet and friendly dog. Why the eff would someone ever abandon her? ;_; I hope she'll be okay. :[[[


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