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still alive
in your dreams
[mood| plague-ridden]
[listening to| For Good -- Wicked]

Wow, hello, I haven't written in ages.

So in my absence, I ended up winning the community service award I mentioned (hooray! I so cool!), and I finally pulled off a 4.0! (That took long enough.)

That's about all in terms of the exciting happenings of my life, there than, perhaps, the fact that I may be busting out of my sheltered California-suburban bubble to join a...nother suburban bubble elsewhere. A much colder one. :/

Trying to come up with words to describe myself as a potential roommate is proving to be a slight bit more difficult than I thought it’d be. :[

What is there to say other than, “never there?”

I rule over the kingdom of void?

Nadia suggested, “The Awesome Superwoman,” but that would probably give whoever it was license to write me off as possibly psycho and also completely full of it (which could, at times, be entirely true–the full of it part; I’d like to think I’m not a psycho).

And do I really want to live with other people when the only way to go from here is down? :’(

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