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I can't do this complete abandonment thing, so hello again, LJ! You know what I really miss? Having an income. I feel like a money sink, and grad school ain't cheap. I miss being a research subject, taking surveys for money, and having three jobs. I feel like I need some kind of an income to be able to fund my eating habits, because this bottomless pit I have for a stomach ain't cheap either. (Especially when winter actually gets here. Cold = winter hibernation => more food = holy crud. :[ )

I recently discovered a sushi buffet here with some friends. It's a couple bucks more expensive than the one I frequented in Davis, but the sashimi is unlimited! :O My friends have been trying to convince me not to order 100 pieces of sashimi the next time I go in because it is likely that they will never let us in again. (Is this why Jusco closed on my birthday 2 years ago? :'( ) They have a point though. I do not want to be blacklisted from this place, so we shall start small! 30 pieces at a time.

I don't think I really had a point with writing this. (Writing for the sake of writing.)

Basically, I just really miss my life in Davis and the people who were a part of it. It's not bad here, and I'm still surprised at how much I like it here, but nothing beats being around the people you love. :\

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Unlimited sashimi?! WOW!

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